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Here's how it works.

We’ve created a unique strategy to help you get the most out out of Instagram as an influencer. Our service is the ultimate example of “everyone wins.” We give away thousands of dollars in free stuff to your followers. Then we invite amazing influencers just like you to be a sponsor. Being good feels so good.

Give away incredible free stuff and get real life followers. For real.

Here’s how it works.

Step One

Pick a Giveaway

Sponsor one of our fantastic giveaways. This is just like buying an ad campaign. You’re getting the opportunity to offer a big prize to your followers, which increases your credibility and influence. Choose a giveaway that is in the audience you most want to attract. For example, our fitness themed giveaways are a great way to get attention from fitness focused people.

Step Two

Tell Your Followers

We’ll give you a photo and caption to post at the time and date of the giveaway going live. You’ll have less than thirty minutes from the moment our giveaway goes live to post this on your feed, so it’s very important to pick a date and time that works for your schedule. This post will include instructions on how your followers can enter to win. You can tell your followers about the giveaway in advance too, but you also must share our post content at the specified times and dates. We also require that you post two days after the giveaway goes live, as well as share the winner.


Step Three

Spread the Word

Share the giveaway on your stories and feed to hype up your followers! In order to enter our giveaways, entrants must follow all of the sponsor accounts we specify in our giveaway campaign. So you’ve got to shout it out from the rooftops while you grow your bonafide, real life, authentic, audience. How bad ass is it to give away amazing stuff?! This definitely can’t hurt your reputation. 🙂

You've got questions.

We’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ghost spot?

This kind of sponsorship is for people who want to gain the marketing and exposure benefits of our giveaways, but don’t want their own followers to participate. In short, it just means you join the giveaway without ever having to post anything. 🙂

How do I know this is safe, real, and legitimate?

Well, we publicly share our contact information for one thing! We’re a legitimate business, located in the Virginia Beach area. We are marketing consultants by trade, but social promotion takes up a big place in our hearts as well. You can reach out to our CEO, TK, at anytime if you need more convincing. 

How do you make this fair for potential winners?

We do our best to stay as neutral and compliant as we possibly can when it comes to randomly selecting winners for our giveaways. Anyone can enter besides anyone in our company and our sponsors themselves. No purchase is ever necessary to enter. In order to make sure there is no bias in selecting a winner, we run the list of people who entered the giveaway through a random selection tool that helps us pick someone in a fair and legitimate fashion. We think it’s way better than pulling names out of a hat. 

How many followers can I expect to gain from a giveaway?

There’s no way to tell unfortunately. This is essentially an advertising campaign. We can promote the giveaway and the accounts of our sponsors until the cows come home. However, it is up to each potential entrant as to whether or not they will engage in the campaign and its sponsors. While the numbers fluctuate all the time based on a seemingly infinite number of variables, one thing thing always remains true; our promotions grow your influence. We want our customers to focus mostly on the fact that our giveaways help them engage with their current audience and improve their platform for influence. 🙂

Is this safe for my Instagram account?

We don’t see why not! We give away real stuff, to real people, using authentic means of selection, and sell sponsorships for these cool gifts who grow their audience because they’re mentioned as a sponsor. We are not selling fake followers. We are an actual marketing consulting group that has branched off into the world of social promotions. There’s definitely nothing shady going on here. However, if you think so, just let us know.

What if I don't get the response I expected?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds on our sponsorships because of the very low price point. However, we work very hard to keep our customers happy. If we see that your account is very unlikely to perform well because it isn’t a great fit for the giveaway you’ve chosen, we’ll let you know. We’re always working to improve our sponsorship experience though, and we hope you’ll always give us honest feedback. We’ve got to live and learn too you know.