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Social media platforms all have one thing in common. They’re so easy to use, and so difficult to master. We want to use our decades of marketing experience to help you reach your social media and online business goals. You’re the astronauts out there, and we’re the astronomers. We’re the behind the scenes nerds that love knowing how to help other people reach their goals and dreams.

We will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a time for our call. We love using FaceTime, but we’re down with a good old fashioned phone call too. 🙂


Meet our ninjas…

..uh…we mean consultants.

TK Dennis

TK Dennis

Business Growth Consultant

TK is a creative specialist with fifteen years of design and marketing experience. He was basically born with an iPad in his hands; except that’s not true because we had to entertain ourselves the hard way in the car growing up. TK has a strategic architectural mind and excels at creating long term strategies for success through creativity and unconventional problem solving.

Stacia Stall

Stacia Stall

Social Media Consultant

Stacia Stall is the boss woman you want in your life. She has over a decade of online social experience and a detailed mastery of Instagram’s inner workings. If it works, she knows it. If it doesn’t work, she tried it. Stacia knows how to dig into the details that matter and help you shape your online presence into a full bodied platform that makes people wonder how you did it all yourself.

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