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Our premium Instagram photo presets are an incredible creative tool for influencers. Craft a feed that is bright, classy, fun, and consistent through all your posts. We produce our presets in the .DNG format for Lightroom Mobile (FREE), you’re just a few clicks away from transforming your photos.

Choose your style…

The Stacia Preset

Seeing is believing.

Stacia is a mom of two boys, and a boss babe influencer to boot. So we created a preset that’s perfect for sharing motherhood’s greatest moments, as well as unforgettable days out with your girl’s or even with family and friends.

  • Brightest Variation 80% 80%
  • Darkest Variation 55% 55%

Variations Included: 3
Bonuses Included: 1

The Amber Preset

Amber isn’t just former Miss Hampton Roads, she’s also a go-getting lifestyle blogger. So we made a preset that tastfully highlights her favorite colors for amazing photos of an active lifestyle and pro looking glam shots.

  • Brightest Variation 75% 75%
  • Darkest Variation 60% 60%

Variations Included: 2
Bonuses Included: 1


We’ve got answers for you.

Do I have to purchase Lightroom in order to use your presets?

Nope! Lightroom for iPhone is absolutely free. You can download it right here.

How do I use the preset I purchased?

You can follow our guide right here!

If you’re still having trouble after checking out our guide, we’re very happy to help. Just each out to us at [email protected]. 🙂

Can I share my presets with a friend?

Unfortunately not. 🙁

As much as we think it is very cool of you to be to so generous, each of our presets are licensed to the purchaser for their usage only.

As a small business we really count on honest people like you asking your friends to purchase it if they like what they saw.

However! While we don’t allow sharing the preset itself, we encourage all of our customers to preview the preset by adding it to photos for their friends. We just ask that if they like it, they buy a copy for theselves. 🙂

How do I get the bonus preset for free?

Bonus presets are included with corresponding purchases. For instance, the Stacia Preset, includes our Winter White preset as well.

Can you help me tweak the preset for my feed?

Yes! Before you checkout, there will be an option offering our preset calibration service. Add this to your order and we’ll make sure the finer details of the preset fit your photos just right. If you forgot to add this option and need to add it after you’ve purchased, just contact us at [email protected]


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