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Target Sponsorship – 10/22 [MOM]



This Target Gift Card sponsorship opportunity will go live on October 22nd at 9pm Eastern through our @modernmomgiveaways Instagram account.

As always, depending on which spot you purchase, you will be required to post on the night of the giveaway, comment and engage on the other sponsor’s posts, repost five days after the giveaway first launched, and share at least one time in your stories.  These posts should each remain live for at-least seven days, or 24 hours for those of you who purchase a story spot.

This is an Instagram sponsorship/advertising opportunity. We are not selling this item (or bundle of items), and we are not selling entries for a giveaway. For more information about what an Instagram sponsorship opportunity means, please reach out to us at info@mediaswoon.com.

No refunds, no exceptions.


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