Influencer Certification



You want to be an influencer. You want to be sent free products to review, new clothes to try on, and get paid for doing the things you already love. We get it. There’s just one problem. There’s no great way for a business to know whether or not they can trust that you are all you’re cracked up to be on your profile. Maybe you’ve been buying fake followers? Maybe you’ve been paying for likes? Maybe your comments are robo-comments?

The truth is, this is the the single biggest barrier between businesses and influencers. It’s hard for a business to trust that you’re a great spokesperson for their product because they’ve been fools so many times before by amazing looking influencers who actually had very little influence at all.

Our influencer certification is just the thing you need to put their mind at ease. Being a Media Swoon Certified Influencer means you have had your profile thoroughly investigated by our social media experts. It shows businesses that you mean business too.


We know you’re the honest type.

Let’s prove it.

What are we certifying?

Our certified influencers are the right kind of folks you want representing your product. They haven’t pulled any tricks to try and convince you that they are more “influential” than they really are.


  • They have a low bot / fake follower percentage.
  • They have a low bot / fake like percentage.
  • They have real and genuine engagement.
  • They have a track record of social excellence.
  • They have a growing social audience.
  • They are likely to help a business convert sales.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for our influencer certification that meets the following criteria.


  • They have at-least 2000 followers on Instagram.
  • They have at-least 100 posts on their feed.
  • Their social account is at-least one year old.
  • They do not have a track record of sexist, hateful, or racist speech.
  • They follow general Instagram policy and common policy.
  • They are interested in being a bonafide professional influencer.

What if I bought fake followers or likes before?

No one’s account is perfect. We’re primarily looking to certify that you are who you say you are so businesses will want to work with you as an influencer. That being said, it is possible to fail the certification if your account raises a large number of concerns as to its authenticity. Everyone’s account generally has some amount of bots following them. What we’re looking for is to ensure the percentage is low.

What if I don’t pass?

We assign a letter grade of A, B, C, or FAIL, to all candidates. Only A list candidates will be publicly listed. All other candidates will be discretely notified by email of the certification results. All passing candidates will receive a certificate with their grade. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for the certification process, so if you know you’ve been up to no good you probably shouldn’t apply. 🙂 

How long does certification take?

We are doing individual certifications in less than seven days right now. You will receive your certificate and unique confidential identification number within one business day of certification completion.

How do I display my certification?

You can forward your digital certification to businesses and potential clients that way want to use your services as an influencer. You can print your certificate out and display it proudly in your home office. You can even order a professionally printed certificate from us directly. The important thing isn’t the certificate itself though. When you share your certificate as part of a prospective business opportunity, it will encourage interested parties to contact us and verify that it is legitimate. We basically just became one of your influencer references, and we can’t wait to brag on you to the world.

Have questions?

Maybe you’re not sure what you’re getting into or how we can help you. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, so just get in touch!